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We are the sole agents for ROZMITAL , supplying quality tedders rakes and mowers at very competitive prices.The build quality of these is so good that we are more than happy to provide a 2 year warranty .

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Strojirny Rozmital is a traditional Czech company, which was established in the year 1913. The factory was originally created principally for the production of electric motors, air-delivery systems and steel furniture.

Since 1946, agricultural machines have been the main items of production. Large expansion of the agricultural machinery production took place thirty years ago, when Strojirny Rozmital bought the license for the rocker arm camshaft mechanism from the German company Stoll.

Up to the year 1989, Strojirny Rozmital had a monopoly in the production of tedders and delivery rakes in the former Czechoslovakian market in terms of agricultural machinery. Despite current competition, our machines are still market leaders and production of these machines continues to this day.

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