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Heavy Duty Bucket Grab

Heavy Duty Bucket Grab from SJH Machinery. Brackets and pipes are included.

Height : 990mm Depth : 1170 mm
Opening height : 1680 mm Side walls and ribs thickness 5mm
Blade: 110x12 mm (400HB) Side walls surface 0.32 sqm
Bottom thickness: 5mm –with flat bar reinforcement 40x8 Blade: 150x16mm (400HB)
1.2m x 0.58m3 capacity weight 265kg 1.4m x 0.62m3 capacity weight 270kg
1.5m x 0.73m3 capacity weight 305kg 1.6m x 0.83m3 capacity weight 335kgs
1.8m x 0.94m3 capacity weight 390kg 2.0m x 1.04m3 capacity weight 420 kg
2.2m x 1.14m3 capacity weight 450kg 2.4m x 1.25m3 capacity weight 480kg

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