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SJH Machinery stock a selection of Platinum Batteries for both agriculture and automotive use, their full range is available to us with delivery within 48hrs.

Established in 2002, Platinum Batteries (Europe) Ltd, have worked tirelessly to become the UK’s largest independent battery distributor. Our commitment to our customers remains consistent; to challenge ourselves every day to find continual improvements and deliver the best quality products, brands and service. Our aim is to make the company name, Platinum, synonymous with the overall experience that our customer receive from us.

Our team is focused on making us an easy company to do business with, which is only possible if we have the right people that are enthusiastic, energized, and fully committed to delivering ‘The Platinum Experience’. 

  • A new battery will not deliver it's full rated capacity from day 1. This is normal and should be expected as it takes time for a battery to reach maximum performance or peak capacity.
  • When operating batteries at temperatures below 80°F (27°C) they will deliver less than the rated capacity. For example at 0°F (-18°C) the battery will deliver 50% of its capacity and at 80°F (27°C) it will deliver 100% of its capacity.
  • When operating batteries at temperatures above 80°F (27°C) they will deliver more than the rated capacity but the battery life will be reduced.
  • The life of a battery is difficult to predict, as it will vary with application, frequency of usage and level of maintenance.

Please contact us for purchase instructions on +44 (0) 1544 231 114 or by using the Contact Us form.